Fight Dog Breath!

You hear it all the time from human dentists: brush twice daily, floss, use mouthwash and rinse. It’s a routine that is hammered into our brains so often that for most of us it becomes second nature. However, what you hear about far less is that you need to take care of your pet’s teeth as well! Your cat and dog can develop mouth and gum diseases just like you and me, and their dental care is important. So here are some steps you can take to keep your pet’s pearly whites, white! 

The Dangers of  Poor Dental Hygiene

Did you know 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 years have some sort of periodontal disease?  Diseases caused by plaque build-up strike the majority of dogs, and cats don’t fare much better. Oral diseases can affect other aspects of your pet’s life as well, mouth diseases have been linked to heart diseases as well. In addition to these diseases, your pet could be one of the unlucky few that develop cavities, while tooth shape and sugar content in their diet make cavities far less likely when they do develop they can be extremely painful for your pet. Less than 8% of dogs and 4% of cats get the regular brushing that they need. So what can pet parents do? 

What Can Pet Owners Do?

The optimal solution for your pet would, of course, be brushing their teeth once or twice a day. However, we all know that on your dog or cat’s best day that would likely be difficult, un-shockingly pets don’t care for strange apparatuses being shoved into their mouths and they typically protest. That can make it difficult to remove that pesky plaque, so what can you do? Well, one of the most popular solutions is dental treats. Dental treats are usually designed to scrape the plaque off teeth by being hard and shaped to fit teeth. The simple process of giving your pet a treat can have huge impacts on your pet’s health. However, that mechanical action is only half the battle and it doesn’t cover all aspects of your pet’s dental health. 

The Next Step

Human dental products all contain certain ingredients that not only clean your teeth but fight bacteria and prevent future buildup of plaque. The simple mechanical action of scraping plaque off is only half the battle. That’s why Tevra is currently developing a solution that fights bacteria and is easier for pet parents! We at Tevra think the less than 10% compliance rate for oral care in pets is unacceptable, it’s why we’ve been working for years on a product pet owners can use to clean their pet’s teeth without hassle!

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