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Families now have a solution to accurate and non-invasive temperature readings! Family 1st™ introduces VisioFocus®, the newest technology in infrared non-contact thermometers with the unique feature that projects the temperature. Family 1st™ VisioFocus® provides solutions that no other thermometers can. It’s precise and easy-to-use, with patented technologies including the projection system, aiming technology and the ability to recalibrate quickly. Get an accurate and reliable reading with Family 1st™ VisioFocus®!


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Family 1st™ VisioFocus® has patented technology and is the only thermometer in the
WORLD that projects the temperature on the object being measured!

• Aiming System for correct positioning to get accurate readings
• Recalibration technology includes the ability to recalibrate quickly no matter where the thermometer goes
• The most advanced line of infrared non-contact projection thermometers a family can own to precisely measure body temperature
• Projects the temperature directly on the forehead and on any other surface making it completely hygienic
• Family 1st™ VisioFocus® temperature reading range is between 33.8°F to 176°F (1°C to 80°C)
• 5,000 to 30,000 readings depending on model, before the battery needs to be changed
• Nine memories
• Digital displays


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