TevraPet™ Skin and Coat 2 in 1 Dental Chews

For Dogs
14 Dental Chews

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2in1 Health Benefits in One Daily Chew

These delicious dental chews support dental health and promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. Each daily chew stick contains flaxseed, a natural source of Omegas and helps control plaque & tartar. Each daily chew stick contains flaxseed, a natural source of Omegas. Dogs look forward to their daily reward and their humans can feel confident in their choice.

• Helps control plaque and tartar
• Supports healthy skin & promotes a glossy coat
• Contains flaxseed
• Wheat Free

Cassava Starch, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Poultry, Palm Oil, Flaxseed, Ascorbic Acid, Pineapple
14 chews
One stick per day
UPC: 05026


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