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For Training Even the Most Stubborn Dogs

TevraPet Puddle Pads are an important component of training your pet to becoming housebroken. Successful training will help them smoothly transition into the daily routines of your family. No one likes to come home to a puddle of potty on their favorite rug! 

That’s why we’ve developed TevraPet Puddle Pads to give your pet a specific place to alleviate when necessary or when potty training. Puddle Pads are durable, reliable and odor resistant. They feature a 6-layer pad that traps in wetness with an antibacterial barrier. With maximum absorbency, these pads will hold more than 3 cups of liquid.


• Quick-dry training pads measure 3.36 sq. ft. (22 in x 22 in) and will hold more than 3 cups of liquid without leakage to prevent damage to surfaces
• 6-layer pads trap in wetness and odor and contains an antibacterial barrier
• Features an extra-absorbent core that immediately turns liquid to gel upon contact
• Odor resistant, contains baking soda
• Attractant that attracts dogs to pads

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“These Puddle Pads are amazing! My dog took no time at all to train and no potty ever ended up on my floor.” – Natalie Baker
Dimensions: 3.36 sq. ft. (22 in. x 22 in.)
6- layer pad
UPC: 05000


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