The natural truth is, dogs salivate and beg for treats made with real meat. Simply Country™ dog treats are made the right way — simply and naturally. They are made exclusively from 100% all-natural ingredients. Unlike most dog treats, Simply Country™ premium dog treats contain no additives and no artificial colors or flavors. They are made exclusively in the USA with real meat.

Simply Country™ treats are hand selected and slow-smoked over real wood for hours to lock in the natural flavors that only real meat can deliver. We’re talking real flavors from real, 100% all-natural meats. That’s what dogs crave and that’s why Simply Country™ dog treats are the premium standard. These healthy, simple ingredients make Simply Country™ a healthy and delicious dog treat that will contribute to your pet’s nutritional needs with a taste that will have their tails wagging.

Simply Country™ Natural dog treats are now available on Amazon!

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