Have you ever experienced itchy, painful mosquito bites? Naturally, you scratch those bites until they become painful open sores.
With 5 to 10 clicks the itch is gone. Get your clickGObite today!
  • Five to 10 clicks on a mosquito bite and the itching STOPS and the bite begins to disappear in just minutes
  • Scientifically proven to STOP the itch
  • Tiny quartz crystals in the patented device are activated when you click the button on the top, creating a static charge that inactivates the response your body has to a mosquito bite that makes you itch
  • Patented, FDA cleared medical device
  • May be used as often as needed without any harmful side effects
  • Each device works for up to 20,000 clicks

What are the symptoms and prevention of mosquito bites?

Mosquito attacks or stings can cause you to itch and others cause PAIN. The itching and pain are because of the insect venom, which can cause sensitivity, or in more serious cases an allergic response.

Mosquito bites and stings can be easily treated at home by using some techniques and tools. click GO bite is one of the most effective ways to treat mosquito bites. “click GO bite ” is an easy, most efficient and simple way of avoiding the itchiness and decreasing the inflammation and epidermis stains that are well known to us all, especially those who experience a sensitivity to bites. The poisoning of the mosquito bite becomes neutralized, with no harmful effect on the nearby skin, thus helping to avoid the traditional swelling and undesirable itching. click GO bite is completely safe for the body system and an amazingly effective treatment for insect attacks.

Who needs clickGObite™?

Anyone who wants to reduce the itch from a mosquito bite!

  • Perfect for those sensitive to mosquito bites
  • Developed for people who still get bit even when they wear bug spray12957442_1735826906631002_4097790245228985985_o
  • Great for those times you forget to protect yourself with spray
  • A natural solution, no pesticides
  • May be used as often as needed without any harmful side effects
  • A must for Summer Activities that include boating, golfing, fishing, hunting, hiking, going to ball games, or just lawn work

Satisfied Customers

“I was bitten by a mosquito (on the knee) during my tropical vacation. The bite was immediately swollen. I respond very poorly to mosquito bites (lots of swelling, bite looks like a large red bump with a white-colored middle). The bite was extremely itchy and slightly hot to the touch. I used click go bite within 5 hours of being bitten (close to bed time). The itchiness was immediately reduced. By the time I woke up the next morning, the bite was completely “itch-less”. In addition, what started as a relatively large mosquito bite was now a bite that was almost impossible to see!” – Kent

“My husband picked one of these up the other day and suggested I use it on a mosquito bite that I got recently that was very itchy and annoying. I used per instruction, applying 5 clicks right on the bite. The itching stopped in about 2 minutes and the swelling was almost down to nothing within 10 minutes. This device is amazing!” – Julie

“Really fantastic! You can immediately tell that it relieves the itch. Ever since I bought this device I have had no bother from the mosquito bites and my skin looks better, too! Now I never have to scratch. Just fantastic!” –Nichole