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50 sticks or more

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A Savory Reward

Boone™ – Treats with No Boundaries™ are unique, long-lasting, meat-based chews and treats in distinctive shapes and forms that dogs love. Every package features Boone, an adventurous golden retriever who will go to extreme efforts to get his favorite dog treats. He trusts his treats to give him the confidence he needs and the taste he craves. These delicious treats contain simple nutrition and are high in protein.

Boone K9 Jerky Sticks provide simple nutrition in a savory tasty chew, while providing the energy boost every dog needs to take on their own adventure. Available in both chicken and beef flavors.

• Extreme treat
• No wheat added
• Chicken flavored

Boone never thought he’d find himself soaking up the sun and catching the killer waves on Oahu, Hawaii. But life is full of unexpected surprises, isn’t it? After savoring these treats, Boone now lives an adventurous life without boundaries. This transformed Golden Retriever now journeys far and wide with a bag of Boone™ treats by his side as his savory reward for trying something new. These simple and long-lasting rewards give him the confidence and motivation to discover new strengths that he never thought possible.
Where will Boone go next?
50 sticks or more
Chicken flavored
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