guide dog leading blind woman with white cane

National White Cane Safety Day

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Shanna Stichler October 15th is National White Cane Safety Day in the United States. Blind and visually impaired people across the country take time to reflect on the white cane as a symbol of pride and independence. History The first of the state laws regarding the right of blind people to travel independently with the white cane was passed in …

white and brown dog holding trick or treat sign

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Into the Halloween Candy

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This time of year is filled with spooks and frights, but nothing sends a chill down our spine quite like the thought of our sweet pooches raiding the Halloween candy stash. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty common occurrence throughout the weeks surrounding Halloween; so much so that calls to the Pet Poison Helpline increase by about 12%. Our resourceful canines are …

picture of brown and white puppy behind fence

Locating a Reputable Animal Shelter or Rescue

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Shanna Stichler October is National Shelter Dog Month, so in honor of adoptable dogs everywhere, here are a few tips for locating reputable places to find your next best friend. COMMON ONLINE SCAMS Most of us start the search for our next pet online, especially when looking to adopt. We visit Petfinder or our local shelter’s website and check out …